Revolutionary Weather App Continues To Add Important Features for Pilots

Downers Grove, IL. December 15th, 2017 — The goal of aviation weather planning is to obtain as much information as necessary so a clear understanding of the weather forecast is achieved and a sound go/no-go decision for a particular flight can be made.

KDLH to KSEA with Prognosis Chart

With the addition of Prognosis and Significant Weather charts, the wx24 Pilot aviation weather app quickly delivers on that goal and frees pilots from the time-consuming and tedious task of weather analysis.

Prognosis and Significant Weather charts help to fill in the details and provide context to Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs). They help complete the picture of enroute weather including IFR and MVFR conditions, including turbulence and icing.

But (there is a big “but!”) this information is only valuable if it is readily accessible and understood. Due to the way Prognosis and Significant Weather charts are issued, there could be between 4 to 16 charts to decipher. These charts are issued 4 times a day (0000Z, 0600Z, 1200Z, 1800Z) AND these charts have a 6-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour timeframe. Therefore, a chart issued at 0000Z with a 12-hour forecast is likely the same as the one issued at 0600Z with a 6-hour forecast. All these permutations make just finding the relevant chart for a particular flight  laborious, or time consuming at  best . Then, after the right chart is found, a pilot still has to determine the flight path on the chart. This may not be too difficult to do, but how accurate is it?

The wx24 Pilot app now automatically selects the correct chart bas

ed on the flight plan, and renders the flight path over the chart to eliminate any ambiguity. One of the key benefits of the wx24 Pilot app is that  a pilot can interactively change the departure time, which will automatically load the correct chart. The benefit of this feature, aside from finding a best departure time, is that it allows pilots to see the moving weather systems to build a more complete understanding of enroute weather conditions.

“When you boil it all down, there is really only one concern regarding an aviation weather forecast: are the conditions suitable for me to fly safely, or not, says Paxton Calvanese, who is the app’s software developer. “With the addition of Prognosis and Significant Weather charts, the wx24 Pilot app gives individual pilots a much clearer presentation of weather at the time of departure and arrival, which are checked against the pilot’s personal minimums. If conditions don’t meet the pilot’s personal minimum, the app quickly provides alternative times when it does,” added Calvanese.

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About wx24 Pilot – the Aviation Weather Simplified app.

This revolutionary aviation weather app frees pilots from the traditional, time-consuming task of weather analysis. The app summarizes the weather forecast in a real-time, color-coded visual graphic that allows pilots to quickly stay abreast of changing conditions at a glance. Most importantly, it allows the pilot to flag up to 18 different weather conditions against a pilot’s personal minimums and activates grey-coded alerts (when you must fly cautiously) and black-coded warnings (when you should not fly).

The wx24 Pilot app provides weather summaries for both VFR and IFR, and for every range of flying competency — from student to ATP. The app displays five main features in a single view: METARs, TAFs, TFRs, PIREPs and AIR/SIGMETs. Instead of the typical map view or text weather report, wx24 Pilot displays a large, colorful circle of concentric rings, each symbolizing a pertinent aspect of weather along the aircraft’s flight path. In the app’s linear timeline view, pilots can view weather along the plotted course at multiple airports along the way, making it easy to see at a glance what the current ceiling, visibility, wind and other weather components are, as well as over the next 24 hours. Each of these weather factors can be programmed to give warnings if they fall below a pilot’s personal minimums.

To find out more about the wx24 Pilot app, visit the app website at On the website, you can watch tutorial slides and videos, and delve further into its many features. The wx24 Pilot is an IOS app developed for the iPhone and iPad and is available for download from iTunes. There is a free, three-week trial available for new users of the wx24 Pilot app.