“What a brilliant idea.”

create your own flight categories!

The Wx24 Pilot app will allow you to create a custom flight category based on your own personal minimums, with your own ceiling or visibility, wind speed, and weather conditions such as FZRA or +TS!  The app will check METARs and TAFs and render in black anytime your personal minimums are exceeded.

VFR or IFR categories do not show of the the full nature of the weather forecast.  Certainly dangerous conditions such as freezing rain, thunderstorms or a squall line can exist in VFR.   But what if you could instantly check to see if FZRA or winds greater than 30 kts are in the METAR or TAF?  And on every enroute TAF on your flight path!

Below is the personal minimum setting screen showing some of the settings and the corresponding visual TAF is shown to the right.  The black area exceeds the minimums set with an indication of what weather threshold has been exceeded.

Personal Minimum Thresholds
Personal Minimums Visualized
Aviation Weather TAF

A Fast Read

Wx24 Pilot makes reading TAFs easy by rendering TAF Segments around a 24 hour clock. Even the most complex TAFs with overlapping TEMPO and BECMG segments are illustrated for a quick read.

Learn more about Visual TAFs

Aviation Weather Report TAF


Watch the video see how quickly you can make a Go / No Go decision ->

The problem with aviation weather reports has never been finding a source, but being able to quickly read and understand the vast amount of aviation weather information available to pilots. Wx24 Pilot solves that.

Wx24 Pilot is an Aviation Weather App that simplifies the process of reading aviation weather reports by visually representing TAFs, Air/Sigmets, TFRS with other weather data and consolidating them on one screen.

TAF Flight Categories


Wx24 Pilot find enroute TAFs around your flight path and shows them when you’re expected to be abeam of that location. In addition to flight categories, weather conditions and personal minimum are also depicted.

Weather from Enroute TAFs
Flight Category Forecast


Same flight, same ETD, but different weather information. All VFR on the left only tells you no ceiling below 3,000′. The sky color forecast on the right shows you where the blue skies are and where cloud layers are above 3,000′!


Wx24 Pilot uses additional weather data from the National Weather Service (courtesy of your tax dollars) to fill in the whole weather story for better preflight weather planning.

Sky Color Forecast for Aviation

Airspace, runways, and frequencies don’t change too often, but the weather constantly changes!

Why not try the Wx24 Pilot app that manages the aviation weather reports for you?

Piper Cub Landing
LL22 Dusk
Bonanza Landing

What They're Saying

“As a professional pilot, I’m always looking for ways to simplify my job and wx24Pilot is an excellent tool. I can quickly make go-no go decision.”
Jesscia Garcia
ATP, CFII, MEI. Learjet 75
“What a brilliant idea.”
Jeff Tobias
Commercial Pilot
“Hands down, one of the most useful tools I’ve seen come out in aviation for weather monitoring and flight planning.”
Brett Rodgers
Private Pilot, IFR

Wx24 Pilot Features $23.99 / Year

Every aviation app, avionic, or website has these aviation weather reports:

Only Wx24 Pilot makes them incredibly easy to read!