Personal Minimums Slides

1. Minimums & Warnings

There are only 2 concerns for weather and flying. Conditions that will kill you and conditions that will just require a change in underpants. Hence Minimums and Warnings.

2. Settings

Do this on any view to enter minimum settings.

3. Minimums Settings

Minimums equate to certain death. Say good by to the wife and kids prior to entering.

4. Warning Settings

Warnings are conditions that come close to minimums. You're going to fly anyway but just want to be alerted of these conditions (and bring a 2nd pair).

5. Enable

Enough said.

6. Minimums

Minimums rendered in black for certain death.

7. TAF Warnings

Warnings rendered in grey or gray.

8. METAR Warnings

9. On the bar view

10. Bar View

When enabled only data that exceed minimums or warnings is shown.

11. Map View

More of the same. Black equals minimums exceeded, gray equals warnings exceeded.

12. Map View Details

Zoom in to see specifics.

13. IFR Alternate

Get an instant indication on the destination airport if an IFR alternate is required according to the 1 2 3 rule.