wx24 Pilot overview

1. Three Views

Three views describe the weather Circle View, Bar View, and Map View. Each view shows the same information in a very different format.

2. Navigating Views

Tap the icon on the lower right to navigate to the next view.

3. Getting Wx

Press the "+" to load a flight, an area of TAFs or a list of stations.

4. Loading Flight Wx

Enter a departure, destination, and optional waypoints and the app will find all the enroute TAFs for you.

5. Loading Area Wx

Enter an airport ICAO and a radius to find all the airports with TAFs or METARs around a point.

6. Loading a list of Wx

Enter a list of airports with TAFs or METARs.

7. Circle View

When you talk weather you have to talk about time, so why not render the TAF around a clock? This slide shows a 24-hour clock, night, day, sunrise, sunset and the current hour.

8. Circle View

METARs, TFRs, TAFs, Air/Sigmets all on one view per airport. The Visual ETA marker is overlaid on the Visual TAF for a quick read.

9. Bar View

The Bar view shows all the same information in a table. METARs to the left, airports ordered in progression of flight.

10. Bar View

Linear TAFs shown to the right.

11. Map View

More TAFs shown at ETA. Flight categories shown.

12. Map View

Each square shows a 1 hour section of a TAF with the ETA marker in the middle of the square.

13. Map View

The ETA is really (Estimated Time Abeam) but that's not a common aviation term. The ETA for enroute airports is when the aircraft is on its flight path and perpendicular to the TAF airport.