Why the App?

I developed the app, not to provide another source for aviation weather, but to solve a problem no one has solved or come close to solving.

  1. I wanted to way to view Metars, TAFS, Air/Sigmets, Pireps, and TFRs quickly and easily - ON ONE PAGE!
  2. I wanted a way where I can visualize complex TAFs showing overlapping TEMPO, BECMG segments.
  3. I wanted an app that converted all the times to local and kept track of time zones and daylight savings.
  4. I wanted an app that I could filter out the noise - I don't fly above 18,000' and when I file IFR I only want to know about ceilings below 600'.
  5. I wanted an app that would indicate when my personal minimums are exceeded.
  6. I wanted an app that would figure out the best ETD so I didn't have to dig through all those TAFs.
  7. Polygon based air/sigmets and TFR charts are fine, but they don't have time information and I don't care where the area is, I care if I am going through the area. So I wanted that in the app.
  8. I wanted to know when sunrise and sunset were without even thinking about it.
  9. I wanted a screen that I could retain in my memory.
  10. I wanted to read 10 enroute TAFs in a few seconds - and now I can.
  11. I wanted to show off to my hotshot CFI.

Paxton Calvanese
1 Echo Charlie, LLC

A very Visual approach to Aviation weather reports