Map View Slides


This shows TAFs within a wider boundary around the flight path.

2. TAFs @ ETA

Each square is a TAF, 30 mins prior and 30 mins after ETA.


That's Estimated Time Abeam.

4. Map View

5. Interactive ETD

Find the best departure time in seconds.

6. Time

3 1/2 flavors of time.
Local calculates local times respective of departure and respective of destination.
Device calculates time where the time zone the device is in.

7. Context for the TAF

Overlaid on the flight path are air/sigmets, prognosis, significant wx, and radar.
US Only (at this time).

8. Charts at time

The correct prognosis and sig wx charts are loaded based on departure time.
US Only (at this time).

9. Air/Sigmet Settings

Control visibility of air/sigmets.

10. Boundary Settings

11. Drill into the details

To see the full TAF tap the square to see that airport in the Circle View.

12. Change your plan

Tap and hold the flight path to drag and move.

13. Edit your flight path

Add a user point or snap to a waypoint.

14. Update to get new wx

Update the data.