Aviation Weather Report Problems


TAFs provide the most detailed, accurate, actionable information of forecast weather conditions. But finding enroute TAFs, calculating the relevant segments, deciphering them, and retaining that information quickly becomes overwhelming for more than just a few TAFs.
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Airmets & Sigmets

Airmets and Sigmets are typically displayed as shaded areas on a map. This doesn't answer the right question. The right question is WHEN and where do they intersect my flight path, not where are they. Map illustrations do not present time information. Just by looking at these maps we don't know if those airmets or sigmets have just been issued or are about to expire.
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Prog & Sig-Wx Charts

Due to the way they are issued, finding the best Prog and Sig-Wx Chart for a flight takes a least 5 minutes. In addition, these charts are images and pilots are left to guess where their flight path is on the map making the task of evaluating conditions less accurate.
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Flight Categories

Flight Categories are not a good way of evaluating aviation weather. They provide a very general idea of conditions, it isn't uncommon to have TS in VFR or other dangerous conditions. For flight planning a VFR pilot will probably want a little more notice than just the thresholds. MVFR is completely arbitrary. IFR pilots want to know if a ceiling is forecast below approach mins.
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