About the developer

This app started as an auxiliary display for side project I was working on (which I have yet to finish), after about a month of working on this display I saw the vision and potential benefit to other pilots. Then I dedicated the time and effort to get this new type of presentation into production.

I designed and developed the app with me in mind. The reports and features are what I look at and what I want to know for a pre-flight weather summary. Frankly, I found it tedious to convert zulu times, keeping track of various time zones and daylight savings, recalling obscure weather codes, or dealing with the non-intuitive numeric system for TAF ice and turbulence. To me this highly cognitive process requires full attention, contains too many opportunities for errors, temptations for shortcuts (and I was never good at temptation), all to do it again when the weather changes - no thanks. So I made the app.

Now with all the time I'm saving because of the app, I spend it on figuring out the correct pronunciation of nav fixes like these: AXABE or DUHJY. How to pronounce nav fixes ain't the type of question I like to ponder in IMC.

I've been in software development for too long, more of an artist type, have a degree in architecture, know a thing or two about Ux, make money in real estate, am a private pilot, IFR rated, and used to fly a blue airplane. I'm sure I have an outdated linkedIn profile somewhere around here. If you have questions, fill out the contact form and I'll be happy to respond.

In the mean time, you can view my aerial photography. Let me tell you, it's not easy setting up a tripod in an airplane.

Paxton Calvanese
1 Echo Charlie, LLC

A very Visual approach to Aviation weather reports