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Get more aviation weather information presented simply so you can make better decisions ensuring a safer flight.

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EAA AirVenture 2017

  • See us in Hangar D (where the cool kids hang) just to the right as you walk in.

  • Get a warm hearty handshake from the guy who made the app.

  • Tutorials and demos galore.

  • Maybe possibly get a stylish T-shirt but definitely some candy.

  • Let us show you the enroute Wx as you plan your exit.

Getting Started Guide

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Android version under way. First version expected to be release early Fall 2017

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Instantly Read 100 or More Enroute TAFs @ Enroute ETA

TAFs provide specific and actionable information but going through just a handful of TAFs is a time consuming process.

wx24 Pilot finds all the enroute TAFs, presents them at enroute ETA and then searches up to 20 different weather conditions displaying just the information you want.

The result - get a clear and comprehensive picture of dangerous enroute weather conditions in seconds.

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Visual ETA on a Visual TAF

A visual ETA marker overlaid on a Visual TAF gives pilots a very quick read of forecast conditions at ETA.

Knowing the forecast conditions at ETA for each enroute airport for an entire flight takes mere seconds!

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enroute TAFs

Personal Minimums

Set up to 18 different weather thresholds to get an instant indication of when and where your personal minimums are exceeded.

It's like having your own flight category with much more sophistication than visibility and ceilings, because TS also happens in VFR!

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Personal Minimums


Benefit from the confidence of understanding what's behind the TAF. Get better understanding of forecast conditions by seeing overlaid prognosis charts.

wx24 Pilot displays the appropriate Prognosis & Sig Wx charts based on your ETD and valid chart times.

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Surface Prognosis Charts

Complex TAF Visualization

The highlighted circle in the image captures the superior presentation of the wx24 Pilot App.

The TAF shows 3 different flight categories over 2 overlapping TAF segments: Prior to 22:00 Zulu a VFR with MVFR TEMPO, at 22:00 Zulu a BECMG from VFR to MVFR and at 23:00 Zulu an overlapping IFR TEMPO.

I mean at some point they should just admit they don't know what the weather will be!

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Complex Taf

WARNING: Don't do it

There is a lot in the app and you probably won't get it unless you take the time to get it. But once you do you'll be happy you did.

If you DON'T have at least your age in minutes to go through the tutorial slides and/or videos, DON'T waste your time. Alternatively call us and we will walk you through the app.


A very Visual approach to Aviation weather reports