Screen of wx24 Pilot App

wx24Pilot enables pilots to read Metars, TAFS, Air/Sigmets, Pireps, and TFRs effortlessly in seconds.

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Enroute TAFs in seconds

Get and know the TAF at ETA for each enroute airport for an entire flight in mere seconds! Watch the video and see for yourself how easy and effortless it is to know enroute conditions.

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enroute TAFs

Personal Minimums

Set up to 17 different weather thresholds to get an instant indication of when and where your personal minimums are exceeded.

Learn about Personal Minimums for Pilots

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Personal Minimums Airport TAF

Interactive ETD

Find the best departure time by swiping vertically on this screen and see the TAF segments respond in correlation to the changing ETD.

The square TAF segments will scroll through time indicating their respective flight category at the ETA based on the ETD. This feature gives pilots the ability to very quickly find the best ETD.

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Interactive ETD Screen

IFR Alternate Check

Get an instant indication of the 1 2 3 rule or set your ceiling and visibility at ETA.

A 1 hour pre and 1 hour post ETA overlay is rendered on top of the TAF, then press the personal minimums button and see any area for the destination that is below 2,000' or 3.0 sm - or set your own limitations.

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IFR Alternate Screen

Complex TAF Visualization

The highlighted circle in the image captures the superior weather awareness of the Wx24Pilot App.

The TAF shows 3 different flight categories over 2 overlapping TAF segments: Prior to 22:00 zulu a VFR with MVFR TEMPO, at 22:00 zulu a BECMG from VFR to MVFR and at 23:00 zulu an overlapping IFR TEMPO.

This visual takes about 1 second to get. Imagine what the raw TAF looks like, even a decoded TAF won't look too pleasant!

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Complex Taf

WARNING: Don't do it

There is a lot in the app and you probably won't get it unless you take the time to get it. But once you do you'll be happy you did.

If you DON'T have at least 10 minutes to go through the tutorial slides and/or videos, DON'T waste your time.


A very Visual approach to Aviation weather reports